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Have you ever wanted to share your knowledge with your industry peers face to face? If your wealth of knowledge and experience can greatly advance corrosion prevention, then we invite you to submit an abstract for a presentation today.

NACE International is currently accepting submissions of abstracts for PowerPoint presentations on the following corrosion-related topics:

Underground buried pipelines – Natural gas, hazardous gas, petroleum product pipelines/tanks.

This symposium is seeking technical papers for steel pipelines & storage tanks that cover corrosion control design, surveys, installation, commissioning and case studies as they relate to coatings, cathodic protection and inhibitors.  Other papers may include AC interference & mitigation as well as PHMSA Pipeline Safety Regulations, specifically 49 CFR Part 192 and 49 CFR Part 195.

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Underground buried pipelines – Municipal water supply, water transmission, water treatment

Full Cycle Corrosion Management from Conceptual Design to Decommissioning –This symposium is seeking papers that discuss complete corrosion control design and management on various types of municipal water pipelines, storage tanks (internal & external) and considerations for long term "growth driving expansion" and eventual decommissioning of assets.

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General – Corrosion issues in Hydro Electricity – Focus on corrosion affecting the Hoover Dam

This symposium will discuss the effects of corrosion on waterwheels, turbines, and associated piping systems (e.g., valves) by requiring the use of corrosion- and erosion-corrosion-resistant materials such as specialty grades of stainless steels and alloys. The electric generator is also affected by the need to have a chemistry control system for the cooling water system, and by the need for protective coatings for steel parts.

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General - Corrosion Management, Planning, Development, Implementation & Success

This symposium is seeking technical papers relating to all aspects of corrosion management, across all industries (including oil & gas production and transportation, refineries, chemical, power generation, water & waste water, etc.). In particular, examples of the different challenges in the various industries and how they have been resolved successfully.

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General - Corrosion Issues in Military Equipment and Facilities

This symposium is seeking technical papers that present advances in corrosion technology and research for military equipment and facilities. Focus is on new and improved materials, coatings, techniques, technologies, and applications.  New corrosion technologies with applicability to military vehicles, weapon systems, ships, aircraft, support equipment, facilities, and infrastructure are welcome.

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Authors must agree to comply with the NACE publication guideline and speaker commitments. All submission will be reviewed and you will be notified if your abstract is approved. Authors should put the title of their abstract in the Title line and write or paste their abstract within the Abstract Text Box. If your abstract is approved, you must be sure to insert your Bio in the Bio text box in the Bio and Acknowledgements Tab. Bio Deadline is July 19, 2017.

Abstract Submission Timeline

Abstracts Due

July 31, 2017

Author Notification

August 21, 2017

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Things to Keep in Mind

NACE International will require the following for any approved abstracts:

  • A formal presentation of your paper presented at the event. Presenters may be eligible to receive a discounted price to attend.
  • Presentations can take between 30-45min depending on the schedule for the event.
  • A PowerPoint presentation is required with the presentation.
  • Meet all deadlines listed for paper and presentation review.
  • Follow all requirements for formatting and content for papers and presentations.
  • Sign a copyright release agreement.
  • Provide a brief biography.